AET BioTech's Core Business

AET BioTech will take biosimilar medications from conception and cell-line selection through scale-up and clinical testing, to marketing authorisation achievement and commercial supply worldwide.

AET BioTech targets biosimilar projects based on market potential and requirements and invests in each project, engaging with strategic investment and technology partners as required.

Technology partners for cell-lines, scale up and development activities are selected based on the technical state of the art and their mutual interest in progressing candidates to market.

In addition to analytical characterisation, ethical pre-clinical and clinical testing form the core proof of the biosimilar, for which partners will be chosen able to incorporate international studies to meet local needs.

Key to long term success of projects will be partnering with leading branded marketing companies worldwide based on AET BioTech’s extensive network of contacts in the generic and originator sectors of the pharmaceutical industry.