AET BioTech's vision is to become the leading independent developer and supplier of biosimilar medications, providing good value access to high quality biotechnology medications to leading pharmaceutical marketing brands worldwide through the following key principles.

Manage every project in-house, integrating external expertise through effective and efficient collaboration supported by equitable contracts, and build flexible yet strong structures according to market and project needs.

Bring AET's extensive experience in generic drug development, registration and supply and know-how into the biosimilar space, based on a team with experience in successfully bringing biosimilars to market.

Act ethically in all aspects of the business, especially in development and clinical trials activities and decisions.

Share in both the financing, risks and rewards with its partners and enter business relationships based on fairness, openness, trust and transparency. Thereby complement partner in-house developments and activities in the biosimilar sector.

Partner with leading organisations, including technological experts in each stage of development, through to leading innovative and generic pharmaceutical marketing brands.

Maintain independence in the selection of partners, strategic investors and service providers according to the needs of projects and markets.

Build on AET's 50 year experience in business to business service provision in the pharmaceutical industry, adapted to the demands of the biotechnology sector.