Business Development

We invite contacts from pharmaceutical companies who favor the idea of shared risk development projects at significantly lower costs compared to industry standards and even to in-house developments. Besides a strong track record in the fields of development, registration and supply chain management, AET BioTech grants lean and transparent cost structures during all stages of development.

AET BioTech’s global network is a key asset in identifying opportunities from both technology and marketing partners. Based on more than 15 years’ experience in the identification of generic development opportunities, AET (Alfred E. Tiefenbacher GmbH & Co. KG) has gained a reputation for creative and successful strategies in the identification of generic drugs. Development decisions are made based on commercial experience, superior technical expertise and execution, and an excellent understanding of the generic development landscape. Reference products are evaluated according to their strategic fit, market revenues, growth potential, biosimilar API development activities, and originator pipelines.

The business model consists of sector installment based early upfront investments translating into distribution rights for the finished product following successful registration. In addition, each stakeholder in these collaborative development partnerships benefits from significant opportunities to shape the overall design of the project, such as biasing clinical study setup with respect to local key decision makers or potential application of proprietary device technologies during fill and finish.

We strive to also offer registration in local markets on behalf of our distribution partners but we are open to follow our partners’ preferred models.

AET BioTech will continue in its efforts to optimize the supply chain following successful launch and will provide packed ready to market finished good at a standard supply obligation. Distribution and marketing remains with our partners.